Welcome and thanks for visiting Scott Stanford Marketing.  I'm Scott and I want to personally say I'm grateful of the opportunity to inspire, enlighten, and educate my guests.  The internet along with social media has opened the doors to make connections and network with people from all walks of life from anywhere in the world and is only getting better by the day.  My goal in life is to share with everyone I can that there are alternative possibilities in life than your typical 9-5 rat race lifestyle that we are all so accustomed to and coached from an early age that this is the right way to live.  I strongly believe we can achieve whatever it is we want in our lives given the correct mentors, unstoppable determination, and willingness to persevere when times get tough.  As human beings, we are remarkable creatures already equipped with the necessary tools to succeed!  It is up to us to develop those tools and utilize them in a way that makes us the best possible version of ourself.  I like many others, was looking for a better way that would provide for my wife and children, and provide me with the fun and happy lifestyle I desired.  I turned to the internet to develop my skills as an internet marketer, and since that decision was made I've never looked back.  My dreams have started to come true little by little and now there is no stopping me.  I feel it is my obligation to share this with the world through education and inspiration, I'm willing to teach anyone that is willing to listen.  This is the true meaning of life!




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